Does Medical Marijuana Reduce Opioid Use?

Proponents of marijuana legalization for the treatment of certain medical conditions have contended that, in addition to treating certain symptoms, it would reduce the overuse and abuse of opioid painkillers. Following that logic, it would stand to reason that illegal possession of narcotics could also experience a decline in occurrence. New Study Provides Some Evidence The first peer

Illinois Traffic Laws for School Buses and Road Maintenance Vehicles

When first learning to drive, some are taught a little rhyme to help them in certain situations. The saying goes, “For sirens and lights, pull to the right.” However, yielding the right of way, slowing down, and even stopping your vehicle is not just for fire trucks, police vehicles, and ambulances, as Illinois traffic laws are in

Local Officer Skips Arrest – Offers Kindness Instead

When police officer Mario Valenti responded to an alleged trespassing call from a gym and fitness club in Skokie, he could have taken a hard line. Instead, upon encountering the alleged trespasser—a 15-year-old aspiring basketball player—Valenti opened his wallet and offered the boy an opportunity. According to the Chicago Tribune and a number of other news outlets,

Illinois BAIID Program Helps DUI Offenders Drive Sooner

When alcohol plays a role in a person’s decision-making, the consequences can range from somewhat embarrassing to possibly deadly. Among the most dangerous alcohol-related decisions one can make is to get behind the wheel of car while intoxicated, a choice that is not only unsafe, but also highly illegal. Those who are caught making such

The Most Violent Cities in Illinois

Every year, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) works in conjunction with state and local law enforcement departments to track and record the type and number of crimes committed within Illinois cities. It is important for residents, criminal defense professionals, police, and elected officials to understand this information so steps can be taken to address trends in the

Good Samaritan Law and Illegal Drug Use

With the many dangers of drug use so regularly emphasized, it is extremely concerning that illicit drug use continues to plague the country. Apart from being highly illegal, the use and abuse of substances such as heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamines can have serious consequences on an individual’s health, lifestyle, and family relationships. In an effort to

Notorious Crimes Committed in Illinois

Every year, studies are conducted during which Illinois prison inmates are interviewed and records reviewed to determine the most common types of crimes being committed across the state. This information provides a glimpse into the criminal justice system, as well as the people who make up the state’s inmate population. A Notorious Top 10 While the current year’s

Drinking and Boating Can Cost You Your License

For many, spending an afternoon on the water may be an ideal form of relaxation. There are few things better than cruising around the lake in a boat while enjoying the company of friends or family. It is hardly surprising, however, that a large number of boaters also incorporate alcohol into their recreational activities. When

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