New Illinois Law Bans Synthetic Drugs that Mimic Marijuana, Cocaine

New illegal drugs appear on the streets every few years, necessitating new laws on drug possession distribution, and manufacturing. In the current decade, law enforcement has had to deal with the rise of synthetic drug manufacturing, including synthetic cocaine, known as bath salts, and synthetic marijuana, known as K2 or Spice. Because drug laws generally ban

The Significance of Knowingly in Possession of Drugs

In previous posts, we have discussed the two different types of drug possession criminal charges in Illinois: actual possession and constructive possession. Understanding the difference between these two charges is vital for knowing how to defend against such charges. It is also very important for Illinois residents accused of drug possession to understand how the word “knowingly”

Four Types of Credit Card Fraud and Their Consequences

In today’s world, most people own at least one credit or debit card, and many people own multiple cards. According to the American Banking Association, there were 364 million credit card accounts open in the United States in 2017. Though new technology is always being developed to prevent credit card fraud, it is still an issue.

Construction Zone Speeding Tickets and Photo Enforcement in Illinois

When the orange cones come out, try to keep your driving frustration and speed in check, or you could find yourself in court dealing with a costly construction zone speeding ticket. The minimum fine for speeding in a construction zone is $375 for a first offense and $1,000 for a second offense, regardless of whether workers

Drug Crimes Encompass More Than Just Illegal Drugs

Everyone knows that there are certain drugs that are absolutely 100 percent illegal throughout the United States. Heroin, cocaine, LSD and ecstasy are all types of illegal drugs that have no accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse. Contrary to what some may think, you can also get in trouble if you illegally possess,

What Happens if a Person Under 21 is Charged with a DUI in Illinois?

In the United States alone, approximately one person every 48 minutes dies in a traffic accident involving an intoxicated driver. Illinois has several laws designed to prevent and punish drunk driving. Driving under the influence (DUI) is especially dangerous when the intoxicated driver is underage. Younger adults and teenagers often have less experience with both driving and alcohol.

What Is Scotts Law or the Illinois Move Over Law

Illinois drivers must start obeying Scott’s Law or face the consequences as the state police step up enforcement of the move-over law. More tickets are expected to be issued this spring and summer due to rising concerns about the safety of state troopers and other emergency services personnel when working roadside traffic stops and accident

Adult Redeploy Illinois: Avoiding Jail for a Felony Crime

A decade ago, Illinois passed a groundbreaking law called the Illinois Crime Reduction Act of 2009. The opening lines of the Act read: “Currently, the Illinois correction system overwhelmingly incarcerates people whose time in prison does not result in improved behavior and who return to Illinois communities in less than one year.” This law created

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