6 Things To Do Before Signing a Commercial Lease

Joliet commercial real estate lawyerStarting a new business or moving an existing business to a new location is a complex process. Understanding your rights and needs when signing a commercial lease is instrumental in the success of your business. The following are six actions you should take before signing a lease for any commercial property:

  • Make sure you sign a lease that is right for you and your business. There are four main types of commercial leases :
    • In a single net lease, you will only pay property tax and utilities, while the owner pays for insurance, repairs, and maintenance.
    • In a double net lease, you will pay property taxes, utilities, and insurance premiums, while the landlord will pay for repairs and maintenance.
    • In a triple net lease, you will be paying all building costs, and the owner will be paying for certain repairs.
    • In a modified gross lease, you will be responsible for the base rent, and in the following years, you will pay both the base rent and some operating expenses.
  • Read the lease in its entirety. If you do not understand parts of the lease, ask a realtor or a real estate attorney. Be sure that you know what types of expenses you will be responsible for.
  • Gain permission from the city or township before you sign the lease.
    The property owner may or may not know if your business is approved for zoning.
  • Do not rush the process. Regardless of your situation, rushing lease negotiations can result in not getting what you want or being put in a financially vulnerable position. Leases are negotiable, so if you wish to change certain provisions in the lease, discuss the proposed changes with the landlord.
  • Be open-minded. Avoid settling on the first property you see because you believe it would be a “good deal.” You may or may not get a fair deal for the first property, so be sure to look at other commercial properties in your desired geographic location.
  • Consult an experienced real estate attorney. A knowledgeable real estate lawyer can help you not only understand the terms of a proposed lease agreement, but they can also aid and advise you during the lease negotiation process.

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