If you have a traffic citation, DUI or drug related offense pending, you want an attorney that is very proficient and versed in this specialty of law. Jack Zaremba is that attorney. These are the reasons why.

  • He is an experienced former Will County Prosecutor and understands the State’s legal process, and because Jack Zaremba has experience on the prosecution side, he knows the legal procedures and strategies in accordance with those used by the Will County Prosecutors Office…a definite strong asset in planning a your legal defense strategy.
  • Jack Zaremba understands and explains the best legal options due to his keen specialty knowledge of the laws, and will take the time with you to explain and outline your best legal defense strategy for your case.
  • He will then implement the your best legal strategy for your case no matter how long the prosecutor takes through ongoing continuances so that all proper and relevant evidence is completely compiled for your best defense, and then he implements it with persistence and perseverance.
  • He will correspond with you promptly if you need answers as your case progresses through the legal system down to every detail, and simply takes the time you need so that you are well informed about your case.
  • He proficiently and systematically prepares your case based all facts and evidence of the case with your best strategy, and in my case was this proved to be the best court presentation I have experienced with the best legal defense strategy that could be formulated and articulated.

His court defense presentation during my case was precise, accurate and well thought out because of his preparation for our case, and because of this, my case went extremely well….well planned, prepared and presented.

Honestly,….simply the best attorney you can secure for your case.

Thanks, Jack!

CJ Pavilon, Client:-

The night I was stopped for a DUI was the worst night of my life. I was literally in a state of shock and honestly I didn’t even know how to begin to find a lawyer to represent me. I was charged on a Saturday night so I started searching on line for a lawyer located in Will County that could represent me. I called a few lawyers on Sunday and Jack was one of them. He was the only one that called me back on Sunday night. We set up an appointment for the next day and after meeting him I knew he was the man to represent me. During the whole process Jack kept me informed on everything as it played out. He never hesitated to answer any of my questions and he always returned my phone calls. In court is where he really shined. He was sharp, witty and quick with his answers. You could clearly tell he knew the laws for DUI better than everyone in the courtroom, even the judge. To make a long story short he was able to completely get me off from the DUI charge and immediately get my license back. He is now helping me to get the stop expunged from my driving record. I couldn’t thank him enough. He did an outstanding job for me and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer. You won’t be disappointed.

Mr. Zaremba, was excellent! Not only did he get my charges dropped for an alleged DUI stop, he assisted with my traffic citations in which I received the minimum penalty. He is extremely knowledgable in the court room covering worst case scenario first and fighting to get the best outcome for his client. In my opinion, he’s went above and beyond to get positive results in my case and because of his rapid response/knowledge, my license was return and I avoided a suspension. I HIGHLY recommend him! Thanks Jack!

My DL were revoked for the 2nd DUI. I was told, by other attorneys, that it might take several hearings to get restricted driving permit; but with a help of Mr. Zaremba I got it after my first hearing. And today, after less than one year, I received the letter from Secretary of State saying that I’m granted for the full reinstatement of my driving privileges. I would highly recommend Mr. Zaremba to anyone. Very professional and very responsible. He did an awesome job. Can’t even explain in words how happy I am, that I chose this attorney.

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