Proposed Illinois Bill Aims to Tighten Gun Laws in Wake of Recent Shooting

joliet gun lawyerOne of the most well-known mass shootings in the United States happened at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado in 1999. Two teenage boys managed to kill 13 people and injure more than 20 others before they shot themselves. Since then, there have been dozens upon dozens of mass shootings, killing hundreds of people and injuring thousands of others. One of the most recent mass shootings happened in Aurora, IL on February 15 of this year and has now sparked gun law reform in Illinois.

Man Starts Shooting Workplace Because of Termination

mass shooting took place in Aurora, IL at the Henry Pratt Co. after an employee discovered he was being fired from his job. The man was determined to be Gary Martin, 45, who killed five people and injured several more at his place of employment. Martin was being terminated for breaking a company rule. Martin had illegally purchased a .40-caliber handgun, even though he had been convicted of a felony in a different state and used that gun to commit the shooting. Records show that he successfully obtained an Illinois firearm owner’s identification card (FOID) in 2014, even though he was ineligible to receive one.

Bill Aims to Strengthen Gun Laws

A proposed amendment to Senate Bill 44 would require Illinois State Police to report the name and all identifying information to the National Instant Criminal Background Check system, in addition to taking all firearms and ammunition from those who have had their FOID cards revoked. The bill comes in response to the Aurora, IL shooting, which may not have occurred if Martin had not been able to obtain a FOID card.

Illinois State Police to Take Extra Precautions

Illinois State Police have already announced that they will be taking steps to help improve the enforcement of existing gun laws in the state. Police reported that changes have been made in order to give police better access to the names of people whose FOID cards have been revoked, in addition to a list of firearms that were purchased by people whose FOID cards were later revoked.

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