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Missed Toll Violations; Now What?

Illinois missed toll violations

Every single day, tens of thousands of individuals throughout the greater Chicago region use the area’s roads and highways to get to work or school or for other travel purposes. Many such drivers spend at least part of their journey on the Illinois Tollway, a network of major arteries that spans most of northeastern Illinois. Traveling on the Tollway, as its name implies, requires you to pay tolls at entrances, exits, or select interval. While most regular travelers utilize the I-PASS system which uses sensors to process payments from prepaid accounts, visitors to the area—or regular commuters in a rental vehicle—typically pay the toll in cash to an attendant at the toll plaza. But what if there is no attendant or you do not have cash? Or maybe you got stuck in an I-PASS only lane. It is important to make sure your tolls are paid or you could risk losing your driving privileges .

Missing a Toll

The Illinois Tollway recognizes that tolls will sometimes be missed for a variety of reasons. That is why state officials have developed a procedure for paying missed tolls before it is considered a violation. A driver who did not or could not pay a toll at the time of driving has seven days to make the missed payment, either by mail or online. After the seven-day grace period expires, a missed toll becomes a Toll Violation and a fine applies, usually $20. According to the Tollway website , a Notice of Toll Violation will not be sent for a first or second Toll Violation, but the state does keep track of each missed toll.

Within 90 days of a third violation, the Tollway will notify the driver in writing. If the missed tolls remain unpaid, additional fines of $50 per violation will apply. A suspension of the individual’s driving privileges may be incurred for five or more unresolved violations.

Changes to Come

This past spring, the Illinois Tollway announced that it would be reducing the threshold for a Notice of Toll Violation to be sent from three missed tolls to two. Officials estimate that the change could generate as much as $7 million. Tollway authorities did not specify when the changes will take effect, however, and there is no indication yet that they have.

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