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Crucial Traffic Stop Tips for Young Drivers AND Their Parents

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Young drivers can easily find themselves in serious legal trouble in any number of ways, including repeated speeding offenses (particularly in work/school zones), for example, or driving under the influence. Distracted driving due to smartphone use is another common problem with young drivers, who need to be aware of the 2014 Illinois law that calls for stiff fines and even jail time for distracted driving that results in injury to others. Even something as seemingly innocuous as passing a stopped school bus can lead to stiff fines and driver’s license suspension.

When facing a police officer after being pulled over for a traffic violation, even the most experienced driver can get nervous and be unsure how to act. But an impulsive mistake can haunt a young driver for months and years to come. That is why it is so important to make sure that all drivers in your family—but especially the younger, less experienced ones—know what to do when a police officer approaches your car.

New Law Requires Driver’s Ed on Traffic Stops

Illinois law now requires, beginning with the 2017–2018 school year, that all driver’s education courses include instruction on how to act during a traffic stop. The Illinois Rules of the Road 2017 manual now includes these specific instructions for drivers who have been pulled over by law enforcement:

• Stay in the vehicle with both hands on the steering wheel and in clear sight of the officer.
• Do not step out of the vehicle unless the officer asks you to do so.
• Comply with the officer’s request to see a driver’s license and proof of insurance. Tell the officer where these items are (for example, in the glove box, a purse, under the seat, or on a cell phone), and wait for the officer’s okay before retrieving them.
• If you are given a ticket, you should sign it. Your signature is only proof that you received the ticket; it is not an admission of guilt.

Traffic Stop Courtesy

Whatever happens, remind yourself to remain calm and polite. How would you speak to an employee of a store or restaurant, for example? If you are in a bad mood, perhaps because you were already running late or had a rough day, do not take it out on the officer. Remember the old adage, “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.”

Arrested for a Serious Driving Violation?

If you are arrested, tell the police nothing except your name and address. Even if you feel you have been unfairly arrested, remain calm, and do not argue or resist. Politely but firmly state that you wish to remain silent and you want to speak to an attorney.

Protect Your Driving Rights with a Skilled Joliet Traffic Violations Attorney

Driving offenses can have serious consequences, but a skilled traffic offenses lawyer can explain your options and guide you through what can be a complex and confusing process. Do not wait until you or a loved one are facing a court appearance or trial. To protect your driving rights, consult a knowledgeable Will County traffic violations defense attorney as soon as possible. Contact the Law Offices of Jack L Zaremba at 815-740-4025 for a free and confidential consultation; phone calls are answered 24 hours a day.

Social Media and Juvenile Crimes

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The development and evolution of various social media platforms has allowed teens and pre-teens to spend more time interacting through the use of short text messages, images, and video. However, with all the positive applications these programs offer, there seems to be a rising occurrence of juvenile crimes being committed on or through the use of social media.

Cyber Bullying … and Worse

Often it is reported that what started as “harmless” teasing turned into something far more serious and resulted in something tragic. Other times, juvenile offenders use social media to broadcast their actions as means of bragging to their peers. Regardless of the scenario, when juvenile crimes find their way onto social media, they can quickly go viral and spread across the country, increasing the notoriety of the actions. Some recent examples of this trend include:

• Recently, in a far western suburb of Chicago, a 13-year-old boy was charged with a hate crime after making threats and statements of a racial nature to a classmate using a gaming system that was connected to the Internet. This was the second such incident in the area within the past several months; a separate juvenile had previously posted a threatening video on social media and made racial taunts targeting an African-American boy in the community.
• In Detroit, a video was posted online showing one boy beating another while several other junior high school students stood by and watched.
• In Texas, a family is pushing legislators for stronger cyber bullying laws after their 18-year-old daughter committed suicide following months of bullying and harassment on social media. At this time, in that state, online harassment and bullying is considered a misdemeanor.

What many juvenile offenders do not seem to understand is that with nearly all online activity, once a statement or photo is posted, or once a video is uploaded online, it exists forever. In all cases, these electronic records of a juvenile’s actions will be used against them during the adjudication process.

Protect Your Family With an Aggressive Will County Juvenile Defense Attorney

When your son or daughter finds themselves in trouble with the law, it can disrupt an entire family. Whether it is your child or that of a friend or family member who makes an error in judgment or gets caught up in a serious matter, it is critical to locate and retain a knowledgeable and experienced Joliet juvenile criminal defense lawyer with a thorough understanding of the Illinois juvenile justice system. The Law Offices of Jack L. Zaremba provide every juvenile client with the help they need to not only understand what is happening, but all possible options that are available to them. Contact our offices today at 815-740-4025 to schedule a free consultation.

State Officials Listen to Citizens Opioid Epidemic Experiences

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High ranking state officials have held a number of hearings around the state the past few months to hear citizen comments and opinions on the topic of Illinois’ battle against opioid addiction. When it comes to this very volatile issue, and its relationship to law enforcement’s ongoing battle with criminal narcotics activity, the message was clear: there is more work still to be done.

Moms, Addicts, Elected Officials Tell Their Story

A panel led by Lt. Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti and Donald Kauerauf, assistant director of the state’s Department of Public health, listened as one person after another relayed their story of how opioid addiction is having an impact on their lives. The moving accounts included:

• A mother told the story of how her son died only six months after experimenting with narcotics for the first time. She bemoaned the stigma attached to addiction and the marginalized treatment those with addictions endure.
• One man told how his addiction resulted in a prison sentence at an early age and continues to cause problems in his life even today.
• An employee of a downstate public library told how two individuals have died of overdoses in the past six months while at local branches.
• A county coroner suggested that some communities were content to remain in denial about the epidemic in the state, despite some of the tragic experiences he personally encountered as part of his duties.

One thing all parties agreed on was that the opioid epidemic in Illinois is a long-term problem that requires a multifaceted solution. They believe the following steps should be taken:

• Acknowledgement of the mental health issues that play a role in addiction.
• Increased access to care and alternatives such as day treatment and outpatient treatment.
• Greater public funding for education and treatment programs.

Find the Help You Need From an Experienced Will County Drug Crimes Defense Attorney

Addiction is a matter that requires serious and long-term care, and it has the ability to negatively affect a number of areas in one’s life. Those with an addiction might turn toward criminal activity to support their habit or even find themselves charged with possession or distribution. An Joliet drug and narcotics crimes defense attorney experienced will help protect your rights while attempting to find a program that might enable you to both fight your addiction and earn credit with prosecutors. Contact the Law Offices of Jack L. Zaremba and work with an attorney who pursues all available resources on your behalf in building an aggressive defense strategy. Call 815-740-4025 and schedule a free consultation today.


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