Sign and Drive: Get a Ticket, Keep Your License

You are probably aware that if you receive too many traffic citations , your driving privileges can be suspended. It is likely of little surprise, as state authorities have a vested interest in keeping the roads of Illinois as safe as possible. Prior to 2015, however, you could also have your driver’s license confiscated as bail by

Concealed Carry Law: Illinois’ Shall Issue Requirement

The state of Illinois has long been known for its strict policies on gun ownership, particularly in regard to handguns. In fact, Illinois was the last state in the country to enact a law permitting the possession of concealed weapons. The law, however, represented the state’s legislative reaction to a 2012 federal appeals court ruling that a complete ban

Evidence Gathered in Warrantless Cell Phone Searches is Inadmissible

When an individual is arrested, whether it is on charges of DUI , weapons offenses, or possession of drugs, the arresting officer will normally conduct a pat-down search of the arrestee. This is done in an effort to prevent the officer from being injured by any object on the individual’s person that may pose an immediate threat. The search

Governor Amends Lawmakers’ Proposal on Marijuana DUI Limits

A few weeks ago, a post on this blog discussed a bill that would have created the created the state’s first quantitative standard for driving under the influence of marijuana . The measure had been approved passed with bipartisan support by the Illinois House and Senate and was sent to the desk of Governor Bruce Rauner for his signature.

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