What is an Attempted Crime in Illinois?

Under Illinois law you may be guilty of a crime even if you have not yet successfully completed a criminal action. Illinois has three main categories of actions that are punishable in the criminal justice system, even if a “full” crime was not committed. These categories are attempt, conspiracy, and solicitation. Sometimes these are called

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Rake in More than $200,000 in First Week of Sales

It has taken more than two years of political wrangling, red tape, and bureaucratic delays, but legalized, medical marijuana is now a reality in Illinois. The state’s first seven dispensaries officially opened for business last week, and initial sales have been brisk, as some 3300 registered patients have been waiting for the opportunity to purchase

Florida Deputy Too Drunk to Receive Award from Mothers Against Drunk Driving

A Pinellas County (Florida) Sheriff’s deputy has sent a formal letter of apology to a municipal department police chief for his inappropriate behavior at a conference and awards ceremony hosted by the public interest group Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) earlier this summer. The statewide MADD event was organized to provide training and to recognize

Too Good to Be True Online Deals May Be Stolen Property

Have you have ever scrolled through eBay, or a similar auction site, looking for bargains? With nearly 160 million active user accounts on eBay alone, chances are pretty good that you or someone in your family checks out available deals at least occasionally. Online commerce has created an entirely new opportunity for bargain-hunters, but authorities

New Law Prevents Domestic Violence Calls from Leading to Eviction

In the last several years, neighborhoods and towns around Illinois and throughout the country have been enacted laws intended to reduce crime. Some of them, however, have had serious unintended consequences, particularly for victims of domestic violence. Presumably designed to make cities safer, these laws, known as “crime-free” or “nuisance property” ordinances impose fines and

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