How Secure Are Attorney-Client Communications in Prison?

The confidentiality of client-lawyer communications is bedrock constitutional right in our criminal justice system. However, recent revelations have shown cracks in the confidentiality of those communications when clients are in jail. Not everyone in jail has even been convicted of a crime; some are just unable to make bail and are awaiting trial. The Securus

New Law to Allow Driving Relief for Four-Time DUI Offenders

Police officials in Bedford County, Tennessee, last week reported the arrest of a woman on charges of driving under the influence, or DUI. While such an arrest is far from unusual, the woman’s arrest history makes this particular case especially interesting. According to reports, the current charges mark the 17th time she has faced prosecution

Study Examines Increasing Rate of Marijuana-Use Disorder

Even as efforts to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana in Illinois continue, many thousands of people are estimated to use the drug on at least a casual basis. In fact, marijuana is the most frequently-used illegal drug in the United States. While that in and of itself may not be particularly surprising, recent

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