Proposed Bill Would Ban Uploading of Fight Videos

As society becomes increasingly connected, more and more people are trying to find “entertaining” things to post on social media outlets and other websites. Of course, there are photos and videos of cute children, comedic sketches, video blogs, and other, relatively harmless material all over the internet. But some have begun posting videos of violent

Justice Department Takes Issue With “Profit-Minded” Court Systems

The statutes that govern the criminal justice and court systems in Illinois are full of references to fines, penalties, and financial sanctions to which an individual may be subject in certain situations. These monetary obligations could be the result of a simple traffic violation, a conviction on DUI charges or other crime, or simply as

Senate Passes Bill to Prohibit Suing Inmates for Incarceration Costs

As it currently stands, more than 40 states are authorized to charge prison inmates for the costs related to their incarceration. In Illinois, the process generally involves a lawsuit filed by the Attorney General’s office on behalf of the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) against a current or former prisoner who inherited or otherwise collected

Illinois Makes Driving Relief Available Sooner for First-Time DUI Offenders

There is a good possibility that you know at least one person who has been negative affected by the consequences of driving under the influence, or DUI. Of course, those who suffer only the criminal and administrative penalties are the lucky ones, as DUI contributes to thousands of accidents, injuries, and deaths each year around

Illinois Supreme Court Reverses Burglary Conviction in Shoplifting Case

The Illinois Criminal Code contains provisions to address all manner of illegal activity. In many cases, there may be more than one statute that could apply to a particular situation. While some make sense and are often used in tandem, such as a reckless driving charge in connection with charges of DUI, others seem to

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