Subsequent Drug Charges Are a Serious Matter in Illinois

A Davenport man with two former drug convictions on his record is now facing a new criminal drug charge . Because he has had two convictions in the past, and because he was on probation at the time of his most recent arrest, he is likely to face even higher penalties if convicted. Unfortunately, it is a situation that

Collateral Consequences of a Felony Conviction in Illinois

When facing a possible felony conviction, most defendants automatically turn their thoughts to the time they stand to serve in prison. This is an understandable reaction. However, there are consequences that extend well beyond the term of your sentence. In fact, a felony conviction – be it for sexual assault, first degree murder, or a felony

Reasonable Grounds for Charges of Aggravated Assault

When you are accused of aggravated assault, it is understandable that one of your very first concerns may be whether or not you are being justly accused. Does the arresting officer really have the right to take you into custody? Are the grounds for your arrest truly reasonable, or are they somewhat questionable? These questions depend

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