Illinois Decriminalizes Low-Level Marijuana Possession

A recent study by the American Civil Liberties Union and Human Rights Watch included some staggering statics about drug possession charges. According to the study, every 25 seconds, a person is arrested for a drug crime. The rates of arrest for possession or use of drugs has increased dramatically since President Nixon’s “War on Drugs”

Illinois Felony Punishment Breakdown

Are you facing felony charges ? A felony is any crime that is punishable by at least one year in an Illinois state prison. Misdemeanor charges, on the other hand, include a prison sentence of a year or less, depending on the severity. If you are facing felony charges, it is important that you consult an experienced

Diverting Your Criminal Case to a Specialty Court: Are You Eligible and Should You Agree?

In Illinois, some criminal charges can be diverted to a specialty court. These alternative solutions —also known as diversion court—give you the chance to prove to the courts that your mistake was just a one-time occurrence. As long as you successfully complete the terms of your diversion, the criminal charge does not go on your record. Unfortunately, not

Facing Domestic Battery Charges: Three Actions that Can Damage Your Case

When you are facing domestic violence accusations of any kind, the potential consequences are grave, especially if you lack the proper knowledge and legal representation necessary to defend your case. Whether you are indeed guilty of committing a domestic violence crime or you feel you are being unjustly accused, the moment you are at risk for

Felony DUI in Illinois

Illinois has one of the strictest DUI programs in the nation. The laws are so strict, in fact, that many who are arrested for a DUI are caught off guard when they learn that their DUI charge is a felony instead of a misdemeanor offense. Do not let this happen to you! Learn what constitutes a

Incarceration in America

Did you know that the United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world? According to recent data, there are currently over 2.2 million people in prisons and jails across the nation, some serving short sentences and some facing life in prison. For every 100,000 people in America, there are 698 in jail or

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