The Dangers of Drag Racing | Will County Criminal Defense Attorney

The Dangers and Consequences of Drag Racing Drag racing, sometimes also referred to as street racing, involves at least two vehicles competing in a speed race against one another. Drag racing can be a straight shot—meaning that the racers maintain a straight path—or it could be a race along a designated course that includes public

Record Sealing and Expungement | Joliet Expungement Lawyer

Understanding the Difference Between Record Sealing and Expungement Being convicted of a crime can severely limit one’s housing and employment opportunities. Sealing or expunging your record can often mitigate such issues. However, it is important to understand the difference between the two before filing a motion. An experienced expungement and record sealing lawyer can provide details on

Factors That Place Youth at Risk for Juvenile Delinquency

The causes for youth crime are just as diverse as the reasons behind adult crime with some leading to nothing more than a one-time offense, while others result in repetitive, problematic behaviors that continue for much of the offender’s lifetime. Delinquent acts, as they are referred to in the juvenile justice system, can be triggered by

U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Illinois Concealed Carry Appeal

The state of Illinois has long been known for its strict laws regarding the ownership of firearms and other issues related to weapons. In fact, Illinois was the last state in the nation to even create a process for issuing concealed carry permits, doing so in 2012 only after a federal appeals court found that the state’s

DUI Charges and Delayed Intoxication

If you are not normally a drinker and recently went out with friends, you may have found yourself in an unfortunate circumstance—a delayed sense of intoxication that ultimately resulted in a DUI charge . What is this phenomenon, though, and why is it important? What is Delayed Intoxication? Delayed intoxication is exactly what the phrase implies: an

Why Are Juveniles Held to a Different Standard of Accountability Under the Law?

For several decades now, the golden question regarding juvenile crimes has been why we try juveniles and adults differently for similar crimes. More specifically, many wonder why those as old as seventeen years of age (nearly adults) are still considered “youth” in a court of law, instead of adult offenders. Experts have studied the psychological factors behind

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