Will County Offers Alternatives to Drug-Addicted Offenders

Will County Drug Court In 1971, President Richard Nixon announced to the American public that the nation was at war. Instead of fighting a pitched military battle against another country, the enemy in this particular was drug abuse. In the months and years that followed, federal efforts to control illegal drugs were kicked into high

Theft Charges and Possessing Stolen Property

Most people are familiar with the crime of theft —which is an offense that is committed when someone takes property that belongs to another. Most are even familiar with the principle that a theft is still committed when a person obtains control over another’s property by trickery or by deceit. Furthermore, most people are aware that it

Issues Unique to Juvenile Defense

Despite the common belief to the contrary, juvenile criminal cases are often more complex than those for their adult counterparts accused of the same offense. Regulations covering the criminal conduct and prosecution of juveniles are not uniform, with individual courts often instituting their own policies on any aspect of such procedures not explicitly governed by the relevant

99-Year-Old Dutch Woman “Arrested” to Fulfill Bucket List Wish

The phrase “bucket list” entered the public consciousness sometime around 2006 or 2007 thanks, in large part, to a feature film called The Bucket List. As an irreverent play on the idiom “to kick the bucket”—which means to die—a bucket list has come to be known as a list of experiences that a person would

Defending Against Weapons Charges

The Second Amendment guarantees the right of United States citizens to keep and bear arms, but that right is not absolute and may not be exercised with unbridled abandon. Occasionally, the average layman may misunderstand the scope of weapons regulations , or even willfully decide to violate them. Either way, an attorney knowledgeable on the subject can

Limits Passed on Stingray Devices | Will County Criminal Defense Attorney

Limitations on Stingray Devices Stingray devices are used prevalently throughout the state of Illinois by local and state police departments. These powerful pieces of equipment, also known as “cell site simulators” or “IMSI catchers” mimic a standard cell phone tower. They are useful in tracking cell phones by sending out signals to a cellular device

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