Being Released on Bail or on Your Own Recognizance

When the state presses criminal charges against an individual, that person may be detained in jail or another detention facility. However, Illinois law holds that most criminal offenses are bailable before conviction, meaning that defendants may be set free on bail prior to trial. The law withholds bail “where the proof is evident” or “the presumption great” that the defendant

Unlawfully Supplying Firearms to Someone without a FOID Card

Not too long ago, an Illinois man was charged with first-degree attempted murder, aggravated battery, and aggravated discharge of a firearm after allegedly shooting two sheriff’s deputies outside his home using a semi-automatic assault rifle. The man’s aunt has since been charged with unlawfully supplying that weapon to her nephew, whose firearm owner’s identification card was revoked

California Man Clocked at 88 M.P.H. While Driving Iconic DeLorean

Traffic violations are no laughing matter. They can lead to serious consequences including the suspension of your driving privileges, in some cases. A recent incident on a California highway, however, left both the driver and the police officer smiling at the unique nature of the situation in spite of the potentially costly fine. A Dream Car

Can You Appeal Your Criminal Conviction

The ability to appeal a criminal conviction is a constitutionally protected right that is incredibly important to the integrity of our criminal justice system. There are various reasons you may want to appeal a criminal conviction, including: Ineffective assistance of counsel; Faulty evidentiary ruling by the court; Faulty jury instructions; Unfair or biased trial; or Excessive sentencing.

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