Owning a Firearm in Illinois

Despite the efforts of some municipalities to ban gun ownership or the sale and transfer of weapons within their city limits, owning a firearm in Illinois is completely legal. However, it is important that law-abiding citizens follow the procedures for the purchase and use of guns to ensure that they do not jeopardize their 2nd Amendment rights. Before You

Sweep in Will County Seizes Drugs, Illegal Firearms

Gun violence and illegal drug activity continue to be major concerns in the greater Chicago area. The problem, however, is not limited to the inner city. Fortunately, neither are actions by law enforcement. This week, police in Will County conducted a large-scale sweep that resulted in the seizure of drugs and guns, as well as the

Is it Drug Possession or Drug Distribution? It Makes a Difference

Finding yourself in police custody facing drug possession or distribution charges is a serious matter. Both charges may result in serious consequences and penalties, but the severity of the punishment as well as opportunities for relief depend on the type of illegal substance and the amount or weight of the material in your possession at

Asset Forfeiture Reform Bill Awaits Governor’s Signature

According to a recent analysis of public records, law enforcement agencies and prosecutors in Cook County conducted 23,000 seizures of private property between since 2012. The study also indicated that a disproportionate number of the seizures occurred in the most poverty-stricken neighborhoods of Chicago—which also happen to be primarily communities of people of color. A

A DUI Does Not Always Result in Lost Driving Privileges

First, it must be stressed that at no times should anyone operate a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol or while under the influence of drugs; the consequences of doing so could be life altering. However, even the most well-intentioned individuals make mistakes and could find themselves facing a long and expensive journey through the legal

The Difference Between Misdemeanor Shoplifting and Felony Retail Theft

An individual charged with shoplifting may later learn they are facing a much more serious felony charge. How did this happen? What should you do? Illinois statutes lay out in detail the difference between theft and retail theft, and within the laws are provisions that allow for prosecutors to upgrade charges from misdemeanor shoplifting to a felony depending on the

Illinois Property Crimes: Theft and Robbery

If you ever watch the news or skim local newspaper, you have probably heard reports of countless individuals who were arrested on suspicion of a wide variety of criminal offenses. When the crime in question involves the taking of someone else’s property , there are several charges that could be brought against the suspect. While many of

More Than 100 Shootings Around Chicago Over July 4th Holiday Weekend

Fireworks have been used as a form of celebration around the world for about 1,500 years—longer if you count pre-gunpowder displays featuring fire and bamboo. Thus, on certain holidays, including Independence Day, it is hardly unusual to hear the screams of whistling fountains, the bangs of bottle rockets, and the percussive booms of large flowering

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