Illinois Traffic Fatalities are on the Rise

Recent news reports about the rate of traffic fatalities presented mixed results for drivers in the state of Illinois. While fatalities involving drunk drivers fatalities involving drunk drivers continue to decrease, the overall number of deaths due to traffic accidents is on the rise in Illinois and across the country. Drunk Drivers and Drunk Driving Deaths Twenty years

How to Respond to an Order of Protection

Domestic life is filled with ups and downs. Under the very worst conditions, disagreements between couples sometimes result in threats or acts of intimidation or violence, be they physical or verbal. This could result in one party obtaining an order of protection against the other, which is a court-issued order prohibiting those accused of violence from contacting

DUI – Understanding Standardized Field Sobriety Tests

When you have been pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI), the officer has several tools at his or her disposal for determining your estimated level of impairment. The officer will observe your posture, speech patterns, and overall demeanor, looking for indications that you have had too much to drink. You may

Synthetic Opioid Fentanyl: The Drug Driving the Nation’s Opioid Abuse Epidemic

Communities across the nation are dealing with unprecedented rates of drug abuse and fatal overdoses in alarming numbers. Law enforcement and government officials have gone on record referring to the problem as an epidemic that reaches from coast to coast. While the use of drugs in general is on the rise, one particular class of drugs

Know Your Rights During a Traffic Stop

There is quite a bit of information floating around telling drivers what they can do if stopped by police . Videos on the Internet claim to illustrate a driver’s rights if pulled over by police, and Social Media accounts post bulletins and other materials related to that same issue. The best thing a driver can do

Can the Police Search My Cell Phone?

When a person is arrested on the suspicion that he or she committed a crime , he or she has certain rights. You are probably familiar with some of them, including the right to remain silent, the right to have an attorney present during questioning, and the right to a trial by a jury of his

Medical Marijuana Program Continues in Illinois

Over the last several years, Illinois lawmakers have approved several measures that have changed the state’s approach to marijuana . While they did not go so far as to legalize recreational use of the drug, low-level possession is no longer a crime, and individuals who have been duly registered with the state are legally permitted to

The Benefit of Completing a Diversion Program in Illinois

The news often features reports of celebrity defendants who check themselves into drug or alcohol rehabilitation programs in an effort to gain leniency when faced with the prospect of criminal charges. In some instances, a judge may grant a defendant an opportunity to redeem themselves in order to avoid a stricter sentence. The use of diversion programs is a strategy

Applying for and Obtaining an Illinois Concealed Carry Permit

In 2013, the Illinois legislature voted to override then Gov. Quinn’s amendatory veto and approved the state’s first Concealed Carry Act. The Illinois Firearm Concealed Carry Act allows duly licensed and thoroughly vetted individuals to carry concealed handguns (both loaded or unloaded). The concealed carry policy includes a stringent list of criteria and thorough application process to ensure

Legalization of Switchblades in Illinois Awaits Governor’s Signature

The long-standing ban on spring-assisted or switchblade knives could soon come to an end should a new bill recently passed by the Illinois state legislature be signed by Governor Bruce Rauner. Currently, in Illinois, any person who knowingly makes, sells, possesses, or uses a switchblade knife is subject to a charge of unlawful use of weapons. The ban

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