Communities Are Taking Part in the Fight Against Opioid Abuse

We frequently use this space to provide information about drug offenses, marijuana laws, and the consequences of violating state and federal drug laws. However, it is important to recognize the effects that illegal drugs have on people who use them. In recent years, law enforcement, with help from lawmakers and community activists, have stepped up efforts

Former Chicago Police Officer Sentenced in Shooting of Teens

Police violence has become an extremely hot-button topic in recent years, with new examples seeming to make headlines on a regular basis. The issue has been further publicized by the protests during the national anthem by various professional athletes across the country. Advocates for reform maintain that police officers are often granted near-complete immunity from

What Is a Pedestrian E-Device Law?

If someone asked if you knew what constituted an “E-device law,” one common answer might involve a discussion of an Illinois statute that requires drivers to use a cell phone only through use of a hands-free program. However, a growing number of cities throughout the United States are expanding these laws to pedestrians as well as drivers

Are You Liable if Your Child Commits a Crime

Long gone are the days when harmful and even illegal actions by underaged individuals would be dismissed as “boys will be boys” or some other equally cliched justification. In addition to the juvenile court system, some states are passing laws that apply penalties to parents for the actions of their children. New York Law Targets Parents of

Young Millennial Buyers and the Real Estate Market

With still-rising home prices and a job shortage, many people in their 20s and early 30s are unable to purchase a home. While many young millennials may be living in their parents’ basements, they are currently the largest segment of the population in the United States which are buying homes. Here are more interesting facts about the

Appeals Court Upholds Verdict in “Sleeping Judge” Case

During a criminal trial, the judge is responsible for the things that go on in his or her courtroom. He or she oversees the proceedings, maintains order, rules on evidentiary objections, and ensures that the details of the case are properly recorded. But, what if the judge does not appear to be in complete control? What

What Type of Real Estate Investment Should You Make?

If you are considering investing in real estate, understanding the types of available real estate and the kind of investments you can make is instrumental in ensuring that your investments are financially sound and right for you. The type of real estate investment you should make is not only dependent on your finances and the location of the

Some Health Systems Are Hesitant to Recommend Medical Marijuana

A recent post on this blog talked a little about national trends and local efforts regarding the legalization of recreational marijuana. While several lawmakers in Illinois have begun the process of trying to legalize recreational use of the drug, only approved medical use is currently legal under state law. The state’s medical marijuana program currently includes more than 23,000

The Question of Reasonable Suspicion in Criminal Arrests

In spite of efforts to thoroughly define procedures for detaining criminal suspects, the law actually provides police with a certain amount of leeway during the course of executing their duties. Although everyone is innocent until proven guilty, police often apply the somewhat vague standard of reasonable suspicion to a situation when attempting to investigate the possibility

Do You Have to Unlock Your Phone for the Police?

Just as technology makes advances on what seems like a daily basis, the laws governing the use of and access to technological devices is still evolving. A case currently making its way through Illinois courts addresses just this issue, and, as it stands, law enforcement now can require an owner to unlock their cell phone in the

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