Three Myths Regarding Illinois Marijuana Laws

Currently, eight states and Washington D.C. have legalized recreational marijuana. Other states—including Illinois–have made medical marijuana legal if it is prescribed by a medical doctor for specified conditions. In Illinois, however, it is still against the law for anyone else to purchase, use, or carry marijuana. There is a lot of misinformation regarding cannabis and the

New Law Promises to Give Juveniles More Opportunities

The nation’s first juvenile court system was established in Cook County, Illinois, in 1899. The system was intended to address the reality that adolescents are different from adults. Unlike “adult” courts, juvenile courts traditionally focus on educating and rehabilitating young offenders and keeping them from returning to a life of crime. In the nearly 120 years since

Push for Full Legalization of Marijuana Continues in Illinois

The ongoing campaign for the legalization of marijuana in Illinois shows no signs of slowing. As crimes related to cocaine, heroin and other opioids continue occupying the efforts of law enforcement agencies, advocates for legal recreational marijuana met with state officials late last year to pursue their agenda. Expanded Medical Use Under Consideration A new Bill before the Illinois

New Illinois Law Permits Electronic Tablet Use by Inmates for Good Behavior

At any given time, there are about 1.5 million adults behind bars in American jails, prisons, and other correctional facilities. In Illinois alone, correction centers house an average of about 46,000 men and women on an average day. While there will always be concerns about wrongful convictions and widespread problems in the criminal justice system, the vast majority

4 Reminders for Illinois Firearms and Knife Owners in 2018

If you enjoy hunting or target shooting or even just carrying a pocket knife, Illinois can be a tricky place to live, particularly if you live in or near the city of Chicago. Even the most well-intentioned citizens—including Illinois’ 2.1 million FOID card holders—can find it hard to stay current and compliant with all of

Crucial Traffic Stop Tips for Young Drivers AND Their Parents

Young drivers can easily find themselves in serious legal trouble in any number of ways, including repeated speeding offenses (particularly in work/school zones), for example, or driving under the influence. Distracted driving due to smartphone use is another common problem with young drivers, who need to be aware of the 2014 Illinois law that calls

Social Media and Juvenile Crimes

The development and evolution of various social media platforms has allowed teens and pre-teens to spend more time interacting through the use of short text messages, images, and video. However, with all the positive applications these programs offer, there seems to be a rising occurrence of juvenile crimes being committed on or through the use of social

State Officials Listen to Citizens Opioid Epidemic Experiences

High ranking state officials have held a number of hearings around the state the past few months to hear citizen comments and opinions on the topic of Illinois’ battle against opioid addiction. When it comes to this very volatile issue, and its relationship to law enforcement’s ongoing battle with criminal narcotics activity, the message was clear: there

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