5 Things Commercial Drivers Should Remember To Protect Their CDL

It is a hardship for anyone to lose their driver’s license, but most especially for Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) holders who earn their living behind the wheel. In this post, we take a look at five things that all CDL holders should know in order to protect their driving privileges and their ability to earn an income

Chicago Police Officer Killed in Midday Shooting

Gun violence is a serious problem for Chicago and the surrounding areas. Men, women, and children alike have lost their lives due to incidents involving firearms. The city recorded 650 murders in 2017 alone. Recently, another man was killed due to gun violence, but this time, it was a police officer. Cmdr. Paul Bauer was

DUI Defenses That Could Help You Avoid a Drunk Driving Conviction

If you are arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) in Illinois driving under the influence (DUI) in Illinois, and chemical testing proved you were over the legal limit for drugs or alcohol, you may think your only option is to plead guilty and accept a DUI conviction on your permanent record. An aggressive and well-versed DUI

Red Light Camera Traffic Tickets – No Relief In Sight

We previously used this space to discuss the controversial placement and effectiveness of red light cameras in Illinois. The controversy appears to be growing, and drivers throughout the state continue facing the threat of collecting traffic offenses issued by cameras as they travel throughout the region. Review of Effectiveness Yet to Be Conducted Red light cameras were installed

Mistakes to Avoid If Arrested for DUI in Illinois

How much is a DUI arrest and conviction going to cost you? Dollar Cost of DUI According to the 2017 Illinois DUI Fact Book, the total cost of a DUI conviction can run as high as $18,000. That figure includes fines and court costs; lost wages due to time spent in court, jail, community service, or other court-mandated

Young Boys Charged with Felonies in Beekeeper Vandalism Case

As the saying goes, kids will be kids, but sometimes, juvenile mischief can cause significant damage and land minors in serious legal trouble. When people under the age of 18 commit a crime, the law usually treats them much differently than an adult. Children and teenagers do not have fully-developed cognition skills and will often act more

Avoiding Criminal Charges When Traveling

We frequently use this space to present information about new laws taking effect in Illinois, strategies for keeping yourself safe, and protecting your rights in the face of arrest or criminal charges, among a variety of other related topics. With many people starting to make plans for spring or summer vacations, we thought some might find

Can I Lose My Drivers License Due to Distracted Driving Citations

Distracted driving has become a growing problem everywhere, including in Joliet and Will County. According to a press release issued by the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police, Illinois motorists received over 18,000 citations and warnings for distracted driving, mostly for the use of handheld phones/electronics, during the inaugural Distracted Driving Awareness Week in April 2017.

Repeat Offenders

Once a person is apprehended in the commission of a crime, charged, and sentenced, it is difficult for many to understand why the defendant might repeat the crime. However, when a pattern emerges or habits are repeated, especially regarding criminal acts, an individual may find themselves facing felony criminal charges and a possible prison sentence. This point

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