Trials Suggest MDMA Could Soon Be Used to Treat PTSD

The laws regarding drugs and alcohol in the United States have varied significantly throughout the years. For decades, marijuana was strictly against the law, but now thousands are able to legally buy marijuana for both recreational and medicinal purposes. Illinois decriminalized small quantities of marijuana in 2016. This reduced the penalty for possessing less than 10 grams

Governor Rauner’s Record on Executive Clemency Petitions

Do you have an old crime on your record that is still negatively affecting your life every time someone runs a background check on you? Under Illinois law, some crimes can be expunged (that is, completely and permanently erased from your record), while others can at least be sealed from the view of the general

Understanding the Illinois Controlled Substances Act

There are a variety of crimes that revolve around drugs or controlled substances. In some cases, possession of certain types of drugs is enough to get you charged with a crime. In other cases, you can be charged with manufacturing with the intent of selling controlled substances. The consequences of most drug crimes depend on the type of

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