Consequences of a Misdemeanor Conviction in Illinois

When some people hear that a crime is a misdemeanor, they automatically assume the crime is not a big deal. While it is true that the punishment for a misdemeanor is usually much less serious than for a felony, a single misdemeanor can still disrupt your entire life. Understanding Probation and Conditional Discharge The maximum penalty for a

Three Ways to Practice Responsible Firearm Ownership in Illinois

Guns have been a hot topic in recent years in American politics. According to the Gun Violence Archive, which is a nonprofit organization that provides information about gun violence, there have been 256 mass shootings—defined as four or more people being shot or killed during a single incident—in the United States since January 1, 2018. With

First-Time Distracted Drivers Will Face Stiffer Penalties in Illinois

Despite nearly a decade of ad campaigns and new laws intended to deter Americans from using handheld electronics while driving, bad habits persist. A recent survey found that half of US drivers still talk on handheld cellphones, 35 percent text message, and 29 percent admit to accessing the internet while driving. Distracted driving rates are even higher among drivers

Illinois May Ease Laws on Driver’s License Suspension

Over 80 percent of Illinois residents drive their own car to work. To stay employed, having a valid driver’s license can be almost as important as a person’s skills and experience. Yet current Illinois law allows the Secretary of State to suspend your driver’s license for many different reasons, ranging from unpaid traffic tickets to driving under the

Common Crimes Committed by Teens

While children committing crimes is not uncommon, it does not happen nearly as often as adults committing crimes. According to the FBI, there were 681,701 juveniles arrested and 7,799,901 adults arrested in 2016, which makes juvenile crime only eight percent of all crime in the U.S. Of those juveniles arrested, the majority of them were teens,

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