Understanding the Process of Criminal Cases in Illinois

Being hit with a criminal charge can be a scary thing, especially if you do not know what to expect. The process through which you go through when you are accused of committing a crime is basically the same throughout the country, with a few differences here and there, depending on which state you are facing charges

New Safety Campaign Targets Drug-Impaired Driving

With more states legalizing marijuana and a rising number of drug DUIs, federal safety officials have added a focus on driving high to their 2018 ad campaigns. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s ongoing “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign has been supplemented with two new slogans: “Drive High, Get a DUI” and “If You Feel

Sale of Look-Alike Drugs Is a Serious Crime in Illinois

Nearly every day, the Will County jail receives new prisoners charged with drug crimes ranging from marijuana possession to heroin dealing. With real drugs seemingly available in every town, it may seem surprising to hear of people being charged with selling fake drugs. Yet the Illinois Controlled Substances Act defines the sale of look-alike drugs as a serious crime. What Is the

Drug Llama Faces Federal Charges for Distributing Fentanyl

A California woman has been indicted in Illinois for distributing drugs through the use of the “dark web,” according to the Southern District of Illinois’ U.S. Attorney’s Office. The woman, who is from San Diego, is known as the “Drug Llama” to her customers on the dark web and is accused of distributing over 50,000 misbranded fentanyl

Beware of Reckless Driving on I-80 Near Joliet

A recent report highlighted dangerous driving conditions along a 16-mile stretch of I-80 that passes through Minooka, Joliet, and New Lenox in Will County. Drivers should be particularly careful along this stretch of highway. Dangerous highway conditions like these can easily turn a first-time misdemeanor DUI into an aggravated felony DUI causing great bodily harm (a class 4 felony)

Doorbell Cams Increasingly Popular with Homeowners and Police

Doorbell cameras, which take pictures of anyone approaching your house, have rapidly grown in popularity over the past few years. Homeowners use them to monitor family members (such as teens breaking curfew or having unapproved parties) as well as to deter crimes of opportunity such as criminal trespass, vandalism, home invasion, burglary, and porch package theft. Sales

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