Common Types of Property Crimes Committed by Teenagers

According to the Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission (IJJC), there were more than 32,000 juvenile arrests in Illinois alone in 2015. These arrests stem from a variety of crimes, from violent crimes like assault or battery, to common juvenile crimes such as underage drinking or drug use. Another common area of crime that juveniles tend to commit is property

What is Criminal Trespass

Illinois law defines three types of criminal trespass: to real property, to a residence, and to a vehicle. Charges of criminal trespass in Illinois often accompany other charges such as burglary, battery, or criminal damage to property (vandalism). Criminal Trespass to a Residence You commit the offense of criminal trespass to a residence when you knowingly enter

How Can a Lawyer Help Me With a Traffic Violation

In the state of Illinois, it is considered a privilege to be permitted to operate a vehicle on public streets and highways. Driving is not considered to be a right. Revoking a right is extremely difficult and generally involves serious circumstances, such as the revocation of a person’s right to bear arms after that person

Leaving the Scene of an Accident Can Result in Criminal Charges

The fight or flight response is a natural physiological process in our bodies that kicks in when we experience something that is frightening or stressful. The term “fight or flight” refers to the two options our ancestors had when faced with danger and the two options we often have when faced with danger today. Imagine

Avoid a Ticket for Misusing the Left Lane on Illinois Interstates

By the time summer finally arrived in northeastern Illinois, we were all anxious to get out and enjoy the beaches, ballparks, and other outdoor fun–even though we often have to fight heavy traffic to get there. Always remember, however to drive safely, because a traffic ticket will only slow you down and thin your wallet. Be especially

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