Can I Face Criminal Charges for Possession of Marijuana in Illinois?

Since 2020, people in Illinois have been able to legally use marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes. The state’s laws allow adults (21 years old and up) to possess a certain amount of marijuana, and cannabis and cannabis products can be legally purchased at licensed dispensaries. However, there are still some situations where people

What Are the Consequences of Violating an Order of Protection?

In many cases involving allegations of domestic violence or abuse, a judge may choose to issue an order of protection. These orders, which are commonly known as restraining orders, may place a number of restrictions on a person, including preventing them from contacting family members covered in an order. If an order of protection has been issued

When Is a Monitoring Device Driving Permit Available After a DUI?

What Is an MDDP? After a first-time DUI arrest, a person will usually be eligible for a permit that will allow them to drive, as long as they use a breath alcohol ignition interlock device (BAIID). This device is a portable breathalyzer that will be installed in a person’s vehicle. Before starting the vehicle, the driver

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