What Are the Penalties for Different Types of Retail Theft in Illinois?

While stealing someone else’s property is generally considered to be wrong, and people are aware that they may face consequences for doing so, some may believe that “minor” forms of theft are less serious. Theft offenses that are often considered minor include retail theft or shoplifting, and people may feel that pocketing an item such as

When Can I Face Criminal Charges for Unlawful Use of Weapons?

There are multiple reasons why people may carry guns, knives, pepper spray, or other items that are considered weapons. These weapons are often used to ensure that a person has the proper protection and will be able to defend themselves when necessary, although they may also be used for hunting or other purposes. Unfortunately, many

Can I Face Legal Consequences for Serving Teens Alcohol in Illinois?

As an Illinois parent, you may wonder what responsibility you have if your teenage children and their friends are drinking alcohol at your home. You may have even heard of some parents thinking it is safer to host and supervise a party than take the chance that their teens are sneaking around. Under Illinois law,

What Are the Penalties for an Assault Conviction in Illinois?

There are many different situations in which a person may face criminal charges based on accusations that they have caused harm to others. If a person has been accused of physically attacking or threatening someone else, he or she may face charges of assault. The specific offenses that may apply will depend on the circumstances involved in a

Can Traffic Tickets Lead to an Illinois Driver’s License Suspension?

It is likely that at some point during their life, everyone will receive a traffic ticket of some sort. There are a multitude of laws that apply to drivers, and it can be easy to make a mistake that is considered a traffic violation. These violations can range in severity from a basic charge of exceeding

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