Client Forms / Payment

Traffic Court Appearance

In order for me to appear in court for you on minor traffic cases, without you being present, I must have you sign the attached guilty plea ( Will County Guilty Plea). If I have instructed you to sign this document, please download the form Will County Guilty Plea, sign at the bottom, and return to me via fax at 815-740-0032 or via email at

Attorney Fee Payment

If we have discussed your case and I have instructed you to pay the attorney fee online with a credit card, click the "Pay Now" button below:



Pay With Bitcoin

If, however, I have instructed you to fill out a credit authorization form, please download the form below to make a payment to me using your Visa, Mastercard or Discover credit card. After you complete the form, fax or email the signed document to me as indicated on the form. If this form is opened in Microsoft Word, the fields can be opened and completed as a template.

Credit Card Authorization Form