The Benefit of Completing a Diversion Program in Illinois

The news often features reports of celebrity defendants who check themselves into drug or alcohol rehabilitation programs in an effort to gain leniency when faced with the prospect of criminal charges. In some instances, a judge may grant a defendant an opportunity to redeem themselves in order to avoid a stricter sentence.

The use of diversion programs is a strategy that allows some defendants to receive help in exchange for less severe or dropped charges.

Examples of Diversion Programs in Illinois

Many diversion programs are geared toward juvenile offenders in an effort to help reduce the number of incarcerated youth. Examples of diversion programs and state initiatives created to help offenders avoid severe penalties and obtain the help they need to reduce the likelihood of becoming a repeat offender include, but are not limited to:

  • Adult Redeploy Illinois – Established by the Illinois Crime Reduction Act, this program provides local jurisdictions with financial incentives for creating and offering community-based services as diversions for non-violent offenders. Through these programs, like the Will County Adult Redeploy Illinois, the courts seek to change the behavior of offenders through the use of counseling, therapy, and drug treatment in order to prevent them from becoming repeat offenders.
  • Illinois Second Chance – The program provides services to defendants who are younger than 17 ½ years old and have mental health and substance abuse issues. The defendants are released from secure custody into this program, which provides individualized care designed to help reduce the rate of recidivism.
  • Will County Drug Court – This program allows defendants with drug addictions who are charged with certain crimes to seek and receive the treatment, supervision, and counseling they need to overcome their addictions.
  • Teen REACH – (Responsibility, Education, Achievement, Caring, and Hope) This extensive development initiative provides after-school programs and services to high-risk residents between the ages of six and 17. It is geared more toward at-risk individuals with the aim of keeping them from ever entering the criminal justice system.

Whether due to the particular charge or the repeated nature of an offense, a diversion program may not be made available to a defendant. A skilled criminal defense attorney can provide the information you need to determine if a diversion program suits the circumstances of your case and whether or not completion of such a program will have a positive impact on your defense

Retain the Services of a Joliet Criminal Defense Attorney

When facing criminal charges, it is important to know if diversion programs that might alter the manner in which the state pursues your case are available. Rely on an experienced Will County criminal defense lawyer to research the options most beneficial to your circumstances. The Law Office of Jack L. Zaremba presents a vigorous defense on your behalf and works diligently to find diversion programs that might soften any potential outcome.

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