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The Dangers and Consequences of Drag Racing

Drag racing, sometimes also referred to as street racing, involves at least two vehicles competing in a speed race against one another. Drag racing can be a straight shot—meaning that the racers maintain a straight path—or it could be a race along a designated course that includes public streets, roadways, and highways. In most cases, the object of drag racing is for one driver to arrive at a destination first and in the shortest amount of time. However, sometimes the point of street racing is to test the physical limitations and stamina of drivers over the course of a long route or to prevent another, third-party vehicle from passing.

Street racing has been highly popularized over the last decade or so due to its appearance in a number of movies and high-profile celebrity deaths. However, drag racing and any other form of racing is illegal on the roads and highways of Illinois , and those caught participating in street racing activities may face sever criminal charges with long-lasting consequences.

Penalties for a Driver Who Was Racing

Punishment for a drag racing driver is based on whether the driver is a repeat offender, and whether anyone was hurt as a result of the racing.

  • As a first offense, street racing is a Class A misdemeanor, carrying a minimum fine of $250;
  • As a second or subsequent offense, street racing is upgraded to a Class 4 felony and carries a minimum fine of $500;
  • If the drag racing results in a motor vehicle accident that causes great bodily harm or disfigurement to someone, the driver may be charged with aggravated street racing, which is a Class 4 felony. The offense is punishable by a jail sentence lasting from a minimum of one year to up to 12 years; and
  • In all instances of street racing, the driver will have his or her driver’s license revoked. License revocations are indefinite, and the only way to get driving privileges back is to appear at an administrative hearing and request reinstatement. The process takes time, money, and often the help of a driver’s license reinstatement lawyer.

You Do Not Need to Be the Driver

Not only is it illegal for a driver to engage in street racing, but it is also against the law to knowingly allow another person to use your vehicle for street racing purposes. A conviction for knowingly permitting another to use your vehicle for racing can subject you to a Class B misdemeanor charge for a first offense, and a Class A misdemeanor for a second or subsequent offense.

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