The Dangers of Fake IDs, Part One: Using a Fake ID

joliet fake id lawyersFor many, one of the most memorable parts of attending a college or university is going out to bars and restaurants with friends. Traditional college students start their courses around age 18 while the drinking age in the United States is 21. Students must, therefore, wait to patronize certain establishments for several years while older students can drink there freely. It can be extremely tempting to attempt to sneak into bars or order a drink at a restaurant for many underage college students. When sweet-talking the doorman or server does not work, some students try using a fake driver’s license or other false identification to gain entry into 21-and-over establishments. Buying or using a fake ID may seem like no big deal, but it is a crime and those found guilty of this crime can face very serious consequences.

You Can Lose Your Driving Privileges for Using or Buying a Fake ID in Illinois

Illinois state law says that it is illegal to acquire, distribute, use or even simply possess a faked or fraudulent state ID card or driver’s license. Furthermore, helping someone else obtain or use a fake ID is illegal. The state can and will suspend or even revoke a person’s driving rights if they are caught possessing another person’s license or state ID card. The revocation of driving privileges can happen even without a conviction.

A Conviction Can Land You in Jail

Some may incorrectly assume that simply “borrowing” another person’s ID is allowed as long as it was not bought, however, even using a sibling’s ID and passing it off as your own can result in a conviction. Claiming that someone else’s license is your own or possessing an ID with fraudulent information on it can lead to a Class A Misdemeanor charge. Furthermore, simply attempting to buy a fake ID can land students in legal trouble as the possession of falsified documents with the intent to buy a fake ID is also illegal. Trying to forge or alter a driver’s license is against the law as well.

A Class A Misdemeanor conviction can result in penalties including up to one year in jail and $2,500 in fines. Those convicted will carry that conviction on their criminal record forever.

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