Doorbell Cams Increasingly Popular with Homeowners and Police

joliet criminal lawyerDoorbell cameras, which take pictures of anyone approaching your house, have rapidly grown in popularity over the past few years. Homeowners use them to monitor family members (such as teens breaking curfew or having unapproved parties) as well as to deter crimes of opportunity such as criminal trespass, vandalism, home invasion, burglary, and porch package theft.

Sales of these home security cameras, also known as video doorbells, are projected to grow from $500 million to $1.4 billion globally over the next five years. Reasons for their growth include rising consumer interest in all types of smart-home devices, declining prices for video doorbell kits, easy installation and internet connectivity, and phone apps that let you see who is at the door right now and who visited in the past.

Defense Against Vandalism and Home Invasion

Law enforcement agencies also appreciate the rising number of homes equipped with video surveillance systems. Doorbell cams reliably capture images of opportunistic criminals who like to strike when live witnesses are scarce. The police can then use image recognition software or social media postings to identify a vandal or trespasser who was caught on camera.

Cameras Provide Evidence in Cases of Burglary or Theft

A recent Will County, Illinois, burglary case was made easier to solve thanks to video images from a doorbell camera. On a Wednesday morning around 10 am, a man kicked in the door of a residence, entered, and left with items stolen from the home—and the man’s face was clearly captured by the homeowner’s doorbell camera. This made it easy to spread the perpetrator’s picture around the local area and social media to identify him.

Homeowners who have been victims of a crime caught on camera are cautioned to contact law enforcement first and let the police handle identification and capture of the suspect. The police also warn camera owners against prematurely posting images on social media, so as to avoid the possibility of a false accusation or unwarranted anxiety amongst the general public.

Many municipalities, including the city of O’Fallon, Illinois, encourage residents with video surveillance cameras to register their contact information with the police department. In the event of a crime in the neighborhood, police can reach out to residents whose cameras might have captured valuable evidence.

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