Joliet Hearing License Requirements

In order to “sit” for a hearing with the Secretary of State, there are a set of minimum requirements that must be met. These requirements can change slightly, depending on whether you are eligible for the full return of you license. You also may be required to show an undue hardship in order to get a restricted driving permit. All drivers are required at a minimum to provide the following:

  • A drug/alcohol evaluation
  • Completion of all treatment recommendations (after care requires a status report)
    • Risk Education (10) hours – Minimal Risk
    • 12 hours of early intervention – Moderate Risk
    • 20-75 hours of treatment – Level IIS to Level III

If you’ve been classified as an alcohol dependent, there additional requirements:

  • No drug or alcohol use for a minimum of 12 months prior to your hearing
  • Alcoholics Anonymous or another approved non traditional support program

You’ve got the restricted driving permit (RDP) – Now what?

Once you have successfully obtained that permit, you must jump through some additional hoops before you can drive:

  • Provide proof of financial responsibility
  • Pay the restricted driving permit fee
  • Take your driver’s exam
  • Pay for and install the breath device in your car

Once you are granted full Reinstatement, you still must provide proof of financial responsibility (insurance), take the drivers test again, and pay the required reinstatement fee.

Just showing up for your hearing is not enough

Don’t just show up for your hearing thinking that you will see how it goes. Your hearing will be audio recorded and detail notes by the hearing officer will be taken. Appearing at these hearings without a qualified Joliet license reinstatement lawyer can lead to devastating consequences. Your off the cuff remarks or straight out incorrect answers, will require you to not only go through the process again, but you will be required to pay for a response to denial and updated evaluation and sometimes additional classes. Getting it done correctly the first time out of the gate can save you time and money. We can help.

I’ve been denied – Now what?

Don’t delay in contacting our office if you’ve been denied. We have helped clients who have been denied 3x by the secretary of state obtain their driving privileges. We will work with your evaluator on the denial letter you received and ensure that all of the issues are addressed prior to returning for a new hearing. We will sit down well in advance and cover all the questions that will be asked of you. An experienced Joliet license reinstatement attorney can be the difference between a permit and a denial.

Illinois License Reinstatements are Local

As a Joliet license reinstatement lawyer, we are local to the community and hearing office. We have dedicated our Joliet practice to helping people just like you get back on the road. Even if you have been denied, we know we can help. We have helped numerous clients obtain their driving privileges again. Contact us today at 815-740-4025 or send us an email. We will get you back on the road.

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