If you have four (4) DUI convictions on your Illinois driving record, with any one of those convictions occurring after January 1, 1999, different rules will apply to you when seeking driving privileges with the State of Illinois.

Illinois Residents

  • Fewer than two convictions for DUI drugs or a combination thereof
  • It’s been at least five (5) years since your last DUI conviction or five (5) years since your release from a prison sentence based on a DUI conviction
  • You must have 3 years of sobriety

Please Note:

  • You are limited to only a restricted driving permit (RDP) for the rest of you life (Lifetime Ban)
  • You are required to only operate a motor vehicle with a BAIID installed

Out of State Residents

  • It’s been ten (10) years from the last DUI revocation on your Illinois driving record (DUI’s not on your Illinois record don’t apply)
  • You need three (3) years of continuous abstinence

Please Note:

  • If you chose to re-establish Illinois residency after the hold was removed, you would be subject to a new hearing and would only be permitted to drive on a permit with a breath machine for the rest of your life

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