Restricted Driving Permits (“RDP”)

Illinois residents that are DUI suspended or DUI revoked, may qualify for a restricted driving permit. Our firm has helped numerous drivers get back on the road with a restricted driving permit. The only way to obtain one of these permits is to have a hearing with the Illinois secretary of state. Even if you are eligible for full reinstatement of your driving privileges, the Illinois secretary of state may grant you an RDP in lieu of full reinstatement. As a condition of the RDP, you may be required to drive on a Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device (“BAIID”).

The following are three situations where you will be required to drive on a restricted driving permit prior to full reinstatement.

  • You are not yet eligible for full reinstatement (Hardship will be required)
  • The secretary of state determines that you should first drive on an RDP, even if you are eligible for full reinstatement
  • You have two (2) or more convictions for DUI and you are required by law to drive on an RDP with a BAIID device for five years before your full reinstatement

*It is important to note that if at the time of your hearing you are not yet eligible for full reinstatement, you must demonstrate a hardship. In essence you must show you aren’t a risk to the safety of the general public and that it is an extreme hardship in losing your license. If you are eligible for full reinstatement at the time of your application, you won’t be required to show a hardship.

While most people seek a restricted driving permit for work, the State of Illinois provides several other options for permits:

  • AA meetings
  • Medical care
  • Childcare
  • Caring for elderly parents / family members

As a general rule, you must drive on the permit for nine (9) months, or 75% of the length of the permit, before you could reapply for the full reinstatement of your driving privileges. RDP holders must be aware that you can have your permit canceled due to convictions for traffic violations, driving outside the scope of your permit and certainly any BAIID violations.

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