Does Illinois Have a Hold On Your License?

Illinois driver’s license holds can arise out of a couple of instances:

  • You are an Illinois License holder and you received a DUI conviction in this or any other State, thus resulting in Illinois revoking your driving privileges. Essentially, Illinois puts a “hold” on you until this is removed from your record.
  • You were an Illinois License holder at some point in the past, but had moved out of state and obtained a driver’s license in your new home state. Now thanks to the national database (PDPS), your new home state refuses to renew your license or just flat out cancels your drivers license. Again, Illinois places that hold on your old license, preventing you from renewing your license in your home state.
  • You visited Illinois and received a DUI and now your home state won’t issue or renew your license.

In all of these instances your home state will require a proof or reinstatement or what is called a “clearance” of your revocation here in Illinois. There are only two ways to remove this “hold” and clear your status here in Illinois.

Removing the Hold on Your License

There are two ways to remove the “hold” that Illinois has placed on you:

  • The first being an out of state package. This method, in our opinion, is the less favored of the two options. With this option you fill out a multiple page application and provide your documentation to the Secretary of State. That documentation is reviewed and either approved, denied or requests for more information are made. This process can be lengthy and frustrating. So much though that we don’t recommend this option and actually choose not to assist with this process.
  • The second, and more reliable way to remove the hold, is to have an in person hearing at the Joliet hearing office. Our firm has helped clients as far away as California appear for their hearing, obtaining a clearance (removing the hold) on their very first appearance. While this process can be a bit more time consuming and costly (travel expenses), our firm finds this to be the most successful way of getting the hold removed from your license. We strongly suggest you consider this method when attempting to remove the hold.

Out of State Resident Challenges

In every hearing with the Illinois Secretary of State, documentation matters. Illinois has specific requirements relating to the types of documentation is acceptable for hearing. When dealing with out of state evaluators, most aren’t aware of the requirements and in some cases, aren’t qualified under Illinois rules. Our office will work with your evaluator to determine whether they meet Illinois requirements and whether they are able to submit the required documentation for the hearing. In some cases, our clients obtain their documentation from a local Joliet evaluator to avoid any problems at the hearing. We will help advise you of the best route when it comes to the documentation required.

4 or More DUI Convictions?

If you have four or more DUI convictions, any one of which resulted from an arrest that was made after January 1, 1999, you must comply with the following:

  • It has been at least ten (10) years from the effective date of the most recent driver’s license revocation on your Illinois record. Out of state DUI convictions that are not on your driving record don’t impact this rule.
  • You must have three (3) years of continuous sobriety.
  • Moving back to the State of Illinois would require you to attend a new hearing and be subject to the BAIID device and restricted driving permit (lifetime rule)

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