Feds Requiring Electronic Record Keeping For Truckers

joliet cdl traffic lawyersTruck drivers often face long hours and demanding working conditions in order to secure a living for themselves and their families. Therefore, it makes sense that protecting their commercial driver’s license is an important element of their job that keeps them on the road. However, a new federal mandate that will monitor exactly how much time is spent on the road is creating privacy concerns for some.

Electronic Logging Devices Now Mandatory

Although a federal regulation mandating that all truckers switch from keeping written or paper logs of their driving time and miles to an electronic logging device (ELD) was announced more than two years ago, it is just now taking effect in Illinois. Those supporting the change claim that requiring all truckers to be monitored via the ELD will make the roads safer for everyone who uses them.

Electronic Logging Devices will maintain a record of every hour the truck is driven, the route used and where a vehicle is at all times. Use of an EDL will not alter the allowable time a driver may spend behind the wheel, which is typically described as:

• 11 hours of driving over a 14 hour period.
• No more than 60 hours over a seven day work week.

Some drivers are suspected of circumventing the regulations by altering the records kept in paper log books.

Constant Monitoring Poses Privacy Concern for Some

While use of the installed EDL will prevent drivers from working outside of or beyond allowable limits, there are some who say the mandate goes too far in monitoring their every move. Many truck drivers consider their cab to be their home while on the road, and they oppose constant monitoring by the government. One opponent compared installing an ELD on their truck as the same as living with an electronic monitoring device required of some criminal defendants.

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