Illinois Supreme Court Upholds Drew Peterson Conviction

Joliet criminal lawyersOne of the legal constants that most any defendant should be able to rely on when being charged with a crime is the opportunity to face their accuser in a court of law. However, those facing felony criminal charges in Illinois, and perhaps soon other states, may no longer have this chance, due in part to a recent decision handed down by the Illinois State Supreme Court.

Rehearing Denied for Convicted Murderer

In what amounted to yet another attempt to win a retrial on charges of murdering an ex-wife, a defendant and his attorneys learned in January that the Illinois Supreme Court would not rehear their appeal. In issuing its decision, the panel essentially upheld a ruling it made late last year.

In 2012, with hearsay testimony from his still missing and believed dead fourth wife, Drew Peterson was convicted of murdering his third wife. The state legislature had passed and the governor signed a law specifically targeted at allowing such testimony. In October of last year, the state’s Supreme Court ruled that the hearsay law did not violate a defendant’s constitutional right to face their accuser.

The latest ruling by the state’s high court denied arguments made by the convicted murderer’s defense team, which included a renewed appeal of the Illinois hearsay law and a claim that his previous attorney failed to provide an effective defense. The current defense team maintained the original trial was unfair and tailor-made to result in a conviction. The defense team had stated previously that, should their efforts to gain a favorable ruling fail in Illinois, they would strongly consider taking up their case against the state’s hearsay law before the United States Supreme Court.

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