Illinois Traffic Laws for School Buses and Road Maintenance Vehicles

passing stopped school bus ticketWhen first learning to drive, some are taught a little rhyme to help them in certain situations. The saying goes, “For sirens and lights, pull to the right.” However, yielding the right of way, slowing down, and even stopping your vehicle is not just for fire trucks, police vehicles, and ambulances, as Illinois traffic laws are in place to protect those who make their living on the roads, as well as their passengers.

Watch Out for School Buses

They typically are big and yellow, so it is hard to imagine a driver failing to notice a stopped school bus. Additionally, the blinking lights and extended stop sign are designed to help motorists follow the laws as they relate to dealing with school buses. Drivers should be sure to follow these rules around school buses:

  • Motorists driving in either direction on a two-lane roadway must come to a complete stop when they encounter a school bus stopped to pick up or drop off school children.
  • Motorists must allow at least 20 feet of space when stopping near a school bus, giving children room to cross the road.
  • When driving on a four-lane highway, only those vehicles traveling in the same direction as the school bus must stop when the bus stops.
  • When on a one-way roadway, all lanes of traffic must stop when a school bus stops for children, regardless of the number of lanes on the one-way road.

Encountering Emergency Road Maintenance Vehicles

Following driving laws as they pertain to traveling in construction zones is made easy for those who abide by posted work zone speed limits and lane restrictions. However, other laws exist when drivers encounter a maintenance vehicle outside a work zone:

  • When approaching an emergency maintenance vehicle using its lights, a driver is required to yield the right of way to that vehicle.
  • Drivers must move at least one lane away from the vehicle and any workers, when possible, and drive cautiously around the vehicle.
  • If a lane change is not possible, drivers are expected to reduce their speed and proceed with caution.

Trust your Driving Privileges to an Experienced Will County Traffic Citation Defense Lawyer

In addition to the added expense that often accompanies traffic law violation convictions, the loss of driving privileges can hinder your ability to work and perform important daily errands. Traffic court is not something one should attend on their own. Trust a Joliet traffic defense attorney to craft and present a defense that will protect your driving privileges and minimize the impact on your automobile insurance. The Law Office of Jack L. Zaremba will provide an aggressive defense in an effort to help keep you on the road.

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