Incidents of Carjackings Are on the Rise in the Chicago Area

joliet carjacking lawyersReports of carjackings or attempted carjackings taking place in Chicago or its surrounding communities seem like an almost daily occurrence as of late. Police, faced with the skyrocketing numbers of these offenses and the domino effect carjackings have in the commission of other crimes, are looking for ways to turn back the tide.

Numbers Suddenly Reverse

Beginning with a review of carjacking statistics in 2007, the number of incidents between that year and 2014 showed a steady decline. In 2007, there were a reported 900 incidents of carjackings, which declined over the years to a low of about 300 in 2014. However, since then, the numbers have continued to rise.

In 2016, Chicago reported approximately 660 carjackings. That number was nearly equaled throughout the first 10 months of last year, and there were nearly 1,000 incidents in the city in 2017. Reports of these incidents are now occurring in areas that once enjoyed relative freedom from this type of violent crime.

Dangerous Trend Continues in 2018

Police acknowledge that the vehicles stolen in carjackings are often used in other crimes, including smash and grab robberies, as well as drive-by shootings that take place in Chicago and surrounding communities. So far in 2018, the City of Chicago alone has reported 86 carjackings. In one case, police apprehended three teens (one of whom was detained by the vehicle’s owner) who were involved in an attempted carjacking outside a popular, high-end downtown hotel.

Police Ramping Up Efforts

It was announced recently that a number of law enforcement groups were combining their resources in an effort to put a stop to the rash of carjackings that were taking place. Members of local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies are planning to meet in an effort to combat the rise in carjackings and punish those caught committing the crime. This has proved difficult in the past, as many alleged perpetrators are under the age of 18.

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The law enforcement community is taking steps and implementing measures to crack down on crime throughout northeast Illinois. Situations that may have once resulted in citations or probation may now result in felony charges. Securing the services of an experienced Will County felony defense attorney is the best way to ensure that your rights and freedom are protected from overzealous prosecution. At the Law Office of Jack L. Zaremba, we use access to important resources and in-depth knowledge of Illinois law to help our clients avoid life-changing consequences. To schedule a free initial consultation, please call our offices at 815-740-4025.

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