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Although most marijuana possession and paraphernalia charges are charged as misdemeanors, these offenses can still create the same kind of havoc as a felony case on your life. In some cases you can receive a conviction and even receive jail time. It is important to know that in Will County you will be drug tested on each and every court appearance and if you test positive for illegal drugs, the judge will put you in custody that day and you won’t be released until you pass a drug test.

I am Jack L. Zaremba, and for years I have handled drug cases in Will County. I have focused my entire career on criminal law and am dedicated to keeping you out of jail and keeping your record clean. Contact me today at 815-740-4025 or via the online contact form to get a free case evaluation.

Contesting the Case

The prosecutor will do everything they can to convict you of the possession charges, even in cases where the drugs or paraphernalia were found in a car in which you were just a passenger. Having a skilled drug attorney on your side can make the difference in contesting your possession case. Even in cases where the police did find the contraband on your person, there must have been a valid search. Don’t leave your future to just any attorney, the consultation is always free, so contact us today at (815) 740-4025 or via the online form. We are located steps from the Will County courthouse.

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