Opioid Spray Used in Fighting Overdose Deaths

joliet opioid lawyerAccording to records kept by the Federal government, the number of deaths due to drug overdoses and overdoses caused by heroin continue to increase across the country. Emergency medical professionals and law enforcement officials on the front lines are always seeking resources in an effort to combat this epidemic.

Opioid Nasal Spray

In 2014, the Federal Food and Drug Administration approved a Naloxone auto-injector, which was previously only available in ambulances and at hospitals, for use in homes and by trained law enforcement personnel as a means of preventing heroin overdose deaths. Recently, an increased number of agencies have begun a call for more widespread use of a nasal spray application of the life-saving treatment.

Narcan Nasal Spray counteracts the effects of a suspected or known opioid overdose, which becomes apparent by symptoms that include respiratory distress. The nasal spray administers a potentially life-saving dose of Naloxone HCl to counteract the effects of the drugs in a person’s system. Following administration of the spray, immediate emergency medical treatment is recommended.

Police Adding Spray to Their Arsenal

In the case of a drug overdose, law enforcement officers are usually the first to arrive on the scene. Because every second counts in such a scenario, government officials and leaders have increased the call for more police officers to carry the potentially life-saving nasal spray application. A few examples include:

  • Earlier this month, Chicago Aldermen introduced a new ordinance that, if passed, would call for all Chicago police officers to be equipped with the nasal spray in a response to the growing opioid epidemic in the city.
  • In Minneapolis, the city’s firefighters have carried Naloxone for more than a year. The city’s police chief recently announced that police would soon be carrying the life-saving tool.
  • In Hamilton County, Ohio, officials announced a program that would result in the sharing of 30,000 doses of Naloxone, donated by the manufacturer, with hospitals, jails, faith-based groups, and other community-based health care programs to combat the growing heroin overdose numbers in the area.

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