Retailers Expanding Opioid Disposal Programs

Joliet opiate attorneyThe use and abuse of opioids is a subject we have addressed a number of times in this space. From the legal ramifications of drug possession and trafficking to the deadly consequences of an overdose, prescription opioids and illegal narcotics pose serious risks to people across the United States. Recently, some major retailers have announced programs that might help keep dangerous drugs out of the hands of those for whom they were not intended.

New Methods for Safe Disposal of Narcotics

It frequently occurs that opioids and other narcotics found to be in the illegal possession of an individual start as part of a legal prescription for a person who needs pharmaceuticals to treat pain or some other ailment. In an effort to help patients prevent legally prescribed narcotics from falling into the hands of those for whom they were not intended, large pharmacy chains have announced programs and products designed to help patients destroy or dispose of unused drugs.

Walgreens, the nation’s biggest retail pharmacy chain, is expanding the installation and availability of drug disposal kiosks in their stores. These secure boxes allow customers to drop off any unused pharmaceuticals for proper disposal. This program is targeting areas and communities reporting an unusually large problem of opioid abuse.

A newer program involves a procedure that enables patients to destroy unused prescription opioids in their own homes for safe disposal. It involves a product that, when mixed with leftover medications and warm water, becomes a biodegradable form of gel that can be put into the trash. There is no risk to the environment with this new process.

Combating Abuse and Overdose

Pharmacies and insurance companies have begun working together to increase restrictions that would reduce the amount of opioids being prescribed to patients. Pharmacy chains have also begun offering an over-the-counter Narcan spray for use in the event of an opioid overdose. Some Illinois health-care providers are considering issuing prescriptions for Narcan in combination with opioid prescriptions as a method of furthering efforts to fight the overdose epidemic.

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