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Did you know that some traffic tickets can result in the suspension of your license. For example, if you are charged and convicted of Passing a School Bus under 625 ILCS 5/11-1414(a), your license will be automatically suspended for three (3) months. And if you are convicted of street racing your license will be revoked, even for a first offense. We represent and advise clients everyday in traffic matters, from a stop sign ticket to fleeing and eluding a police officer. You need to know what can happen to your license.

And if you have a commercial drivers license (CDL) CDL Violations , traffic tickets will affect your commercial license. Don’t risk your livelihood. You need to know how that ticket can affect your CDL. Contact our law firm today to schedule a Free Consultation at (815) 740-4025.

We handle all traffic matters, including the following:

  • Speeding and Aggravated Speeding of 40mph over the Posted Speed Limit
  • Speeding in a School Zone or Passing a School Bus
  • Reckless Driving
  • Street Racing and Squealing or Screeching of Tires
  • Fleeing and Eluding a Police Officer
  • Illegal Transportation of Alcohol and DUI

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Driving While Revoked or Suspended

Have you been arrested or ticketed for Driving a car while your license is revoked or suspended? Generally, driving while your license is suspended or revoked is a Class A Misdemeanor, punishable by up to 364 days in jail and a max fine of $2,500.00. However, based on your prior driving offenses, you could be charged with a felony and penalties could include mandatory community service work or mandatory jail time.

Illinois changed the DUI Law in 2009 and increased the penalties if you are caught driving during your statutory summary suspension without a Monitoring Device Driving Permit and without a Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device installed in your car. See our DUI Center for more information on the 2009 changes to the DUI Law and the possible suspension of your license.

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DISCLAIMER: This is an overview of some traffic offenses and this site and any information contained herein are intended for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. Seek competent legal counsel for advice on any legal matter.

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