Strategies for Drivers Who Get Pulled Over By Police

joliet traffic ticket lawyerAnyone who has ever been behind the wheel has experienced the sinking feeling in the pit of their stomach when they see the flashing lights in their rear view mirror. It is a great relief when the patrol car drives past, but when it pulls up behind you, the thought of receiving a traffic citation is enough to ruin anyone’s day.

Can You Avoid Receiving a Ticket?

Even if you have been pulled over before, your mind begins racing around with ideas of what to say, how to act, and ways of working your way out of a ticket and receiving just a warning. While we do not pretend to suggest that the following tips will guarantee a pass from the officer, consider these strategies when encountering police during a traffic stop and you just might avoid a traffic ticket:

  • Do not have a bad driving record. Perhaps this is a bit of a “no brainer,” but police are more likely to go easy on a driver with a clean driving history. However, if you already have one or two citations on your record from the past 12 months, you will probably get another one.
  • Avoid aggressive or reckless driving habits. Drivers who change lanes or make turns without signaling in the midst of heavy traffic, or those who do so at higher speeds, tend not to catch breaks.
  • Do not admit guilt. We do not recommend lying to the officer, but acknowledging the possibility of an error on your part without fully admitting guilt is not a bad strategy to use.
  • Be nice. Acting like a jerk will likely earn you a ticket every time. Police are people too; civility and politeness can go a long way with someone who is just doing their job.
  • It does not hurt to ask for a warning, especially if you have a clean record. It does not always work, but if the violation is minor, some officers may agree to your request.

Work With An Experienced Will County Traffic Violations Defense Attorney

You probably will not get out of a ticket every time, so when it happens that you receive a citation and feel it is worth contesting, be sure to work with a knowledgeable Illinois speeding ticket and traffic violations defense attorney. Getting the help of an experienced legal professional can make all the difference in your case. The Law Office of Jack L. Zaremba provides clients with a thoughtful review of case details to offer a realistic defense strategy. Contact us at 815-740-4025 to schedule an initial consultation.

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