Think Twice Before Ordering a Fake ID

joliet fake id lawyerA quick Google search for the phrase “fake ID” brings up more than 23 million results. Nearly all of the top results are websites purporting to offer false identification cards “that work” and “fool even experts.” Of course, fake IDs have been around for as long as the government has issued identification cards, but the digital explosion of the last two decades has made obtaining one easier than ever before. With just a few clicks, you can get a “reliable fake ID that help [sic] you hang out with friends and buy anything you want.” The idea of “knowing a guy” who can get fake IDs is a thing of the past, but there are many risks associated with false identification cards that you should know about before you buy one.

Bouncers and Bar Staff Know What to Look For

A vast majority of fake IDs are designed to look like government-issued driver’s licenses, and government officials are aware of that fact. That is why states are continually redesigning their licenses and adding new security features with each release. According to Secretary of State Jesse White, state-issued driver’s licenses in Illinois currently utilize more than a dozen different features intended to thwart counterfeiting and the production of fake IDs.

Most people who buy and use fake IDs are teens under the legal drinking age who want to get into bars and buy alcohol. Those who work in establishments that sell alcohol, however, typically undergo extensive training on how to recognize a valid ID. They also have a strong incentive to do so, as stores, bars, or restaurants that sell alcohol to an underage person risk hefty fines and other penalties. While your fake ID may look real enough to you, there is a strong possibility that you will be caught.

Harsh Consequences

If you are caught using a fake ID, the establishment in question has a couple of options. They could simply deny you alcohol and ask you to leave, either keeping your ID or returning to you. Or, they could keep your ID and report the incident to the police. Once the police are involved, the matter becomes serious.

A person convicted of possession or using a fake ID in Illinois will automatically have his or her driving privileges suspended for one year. He or she could also face up to one to three years in prison, a fine of $500, or 50 hours of community service.

Beware of Scammers and Phishers

The other big concern for those looking to obtain fake IDs is the reliability of the companies and individuals who offer them over the internet. These entities are offering items that they know are illegal and are intended to help their customers break the law. What makes you think they will be responsible with your personal information? Credit cards, phone numbers, mailing addresses, and other data can be used to perpetrate identity theft, and buying a fake ID could mean that you are simply handing that information to individuals who have already proven to be unscrupulous.

Facing Criminal Charges?

If you or your child has been arrested and charged in connection with possessing or using a fake ID, contact an experienced Joliet criminal defense attorney . Whether the case is being handled in juvenile court or not, Attorney Jack L. Zaremba can provide the guidance you need. Call 815-740-4025 for a free consultation today.

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