Will County Man Sentenced to Prison for Street Racing

joliet street racing attorneyA 22-year-old man was sentenced to two and a half years at the Illinois Department of Corrections for pleading guilty to aggravated street racing. The incident resulted in the death of a 49-year-old man and the injury of his 15-year-old daughter.

The Case

The incident took place in December of 2015 when the man, who was then 20 years old, was racing a 16-year-old boy who collided with the victim and his daughter. According to court transcripts from the proceeding, speeds in the race reached between 110 mph and 120 mph through the residential neighborhood where the crash occurred. The man was originally charged with nine counts of reckless homicide and two counts of aggravated street racing, but instead entered a plea bargain and pleaded guilty to a felony charge of aggravated street racing, which is a Class 4 felony.

Street Racing Laws in Illinois

According to Illinois law, street racing is defined as:

  • Two or more vehicles accelerating in an attempt to outdistance each other;
  • One or more vehicles preventing a vehicle from passing;
  • One or more vehicles attempting to outgain or outdistance another vehicle; and
  • The use of one or more vehicles to test the physical endurance of drivers.

Street racing charges can range anywhere from a Class A misdemeanor to a Class 4 felony, depending on the severity of the crime. A street racing conviction that is classified as a Class A misdemeanor and is the first conviction of the type will mean the perpetrator is subject to a minimum fine of $250 and a driver’s license revocation. A second conviction will be classified as a Class 4 felony, subject to a minimum fine of $500 and license revocation.

Aggravated street racing is committed when the person commits an act of street racing that results in great bodily harm or permanent disability or disfigurement to another. In the state of Illinois, aggravated street racing is a Class 4 felony. If the judge decides jail time is appropriate, the sentence will be a minimum of one year and a maximum of 12 years in prison. Aggravated street racing also results in a license revocation for the driver.

Contact a Will County Traffic Violations Defense Attorney

Though street racing is illegal and can greatly endanger the safety of others, all laws are up to the interpretation of a judge. With car accidents, especially those that happen at night, it can be difficult to place blame, which is why you need the help of a skilled Joliet criminal defense lawyer. The Law Offices of Jack L. Zaremba can help you protect your freedom and determine the best options that will minimize the consequences to your driver’s license. To schedule a consultation, call our office at 815-740-4025.

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