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Bar Fights Can Lead to Assault and Battery Charges

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During the cold winter months, many Illinois residents find warmth and relaxation by visiting local bars, taverns, and pubs. While most people do not ever plan on getting into a bar fight, it can be a fairly common occurrence in some establishments. Often, those involved in the fight did not start it or intend for anyone to be hurt. However, this does not mean that those individuals cannot be charged with a crime. Assault and battery charges can be brought against anyone involved in a bar fight and with them can come serious punitive consequences. If you have been charged with assault and/or battery, there are a few things you should know.

Illinois Assault and Battery Law

There exists some confusion about the difference between assault and battery. In Illinois , assault occurs when someone threatens harm to another person and battery occurs when contact is made or harm is actually inflicted. You do not have to touch someone else in order to be charged with assault. It refers to instances when a person feels that their safety is being threatened or that they are at reasonable risk of injury. Assault is often paired with battery, which requires actual contact with intent to harm or contact of an insulting or provoking nature. Although the two usually co-occur, battery can be committed without assault and vice versa.

Bars and Booze Are the Perfect Recipe for Violence.

Anyone who has been to a bar knows that they can sometimes get wild and crazy. Especially at night, bars are flooded with people who have been drinking and therefore have lower inhibitions. A person who would never strike someone else intentionally may find themselves doing just that after a night of over consumption of alcohol.

Crowded bars may also increase the chances of patrons getting into a physical altercation. Sometimes, something as simple as bumping into a person or spilling a drink on accident are enough to start an all-out brawl. If you ever find yourself in a situation such as this, it can be very tempting to want to participate. However, doing so may cost you significantly. There are strict penalties for those charged with assault and battery. Assault is a Class C misdemeanor which can result in up to 30 days in jail and/or a fine of up to $1,500. Battery is a Class A misdemeanor, but aggravated battery, or assault with a firearm or deadly weapon, is a Class 3 felony. If you are found guilty of aggravated assault, you may face a sentence of one to three years in prison and a fine of up to $25,000. The punitive consequences for a defendant convicted of assault or battery usually also depend on the severity of the crime and the defendant's past criminal history.

Contact an Aggressive Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you have been charged with assault and/or battery, your personal freedom could be on the line. You need a Joliet assault and battery attorney who will aggressively defend your rights and allow you to tell your side of the story. For a free confidential consultation regarding your case, call (815) 740-4025 today.

Attorneys Arrested in Connection With Hip-Hip Mogul Murder Trial

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A famous rap producer stands accused of purposely running his truck into two other people on the set of an advertisement for a movie in Southern California in 2015. One of the victims died from the injuries he sustained and the other was injured. Although the defendant claims that he acted in self-defense, security footage shows him plowing his truck into the group of people. He originally fled the scene but later turned himself in to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. In separate cases, the producer is also accused of robbery and threatening the director of the film.

Possible Bribery and Witness Tampering

Two attorneys who previously represented the former hip-hop mogul in his ongoing murder case have been arrested. The two were charged with acting as “accessories after the fact.” Investigators claim to have evidence of possible witness tampering, conspiracy to violate a court order, bribery and obstruction of justice. In August, Los Angeles County prosecutors alleged that the attorneys , along with others, had tampered with witnesses and discussed bribes connected to the musician’s murder case. The attorneys have denied any wrongdoing.

Leaked Surveillance Video

The attorneys accused of these crimes may have difficulty proving their innocence. Prosecutors claim that in a series of recorded phone calls beginning in early 2015, the men discussed paying witnesses to say they saw the victims or others in possession of a gun. This would bolster the musician’s claim of self-defense. Although normally calls between someone and his or her attorney(s) would have been protected by attorney-client privilege, a judge allowed investigators to listen to recordings which involved others. One attorney is also accused of purposefully leaking an extremely important piece of evidence. The surveillance video of incident had been ordered by a judge to not be released to the media.

Responsible Criminal Defense

When a lawyer promises to do “everything possible” to keep a client from being convicted of a crime, the attorney usually means “everything possible while obeying the law.” The two attorneys involved in the situation described above seem to have crossed in dangerous territory with their actions. An attorney who engages in illegal activity places not only himself or herself at risk but also his or her client.

At the Law Offices of Jack L. Zaremba, we are dedicated to ethically protecting the rights of those accused of a crime. If you are facing criminal charges, you need an attorney who will help you achieve the best outcome on your case while remaining in full compliance with the law and the rules of the court. No matter what type of charges you may be facing, our attorneys are ready to help you navigate your legal options and determine the best course of action for your unique circumstances. Contact the Law Offices of Jack L. Zaremba today at 815-740-4025 to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced Will County criminal defense lawyer.

A New Year Means New Laws in Illinois

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At the beginning of each new year, the state of Illinois enacts a number of new laws that impact nearly every aspect of people’s lives throughout the state. From divorce to nursing teen mothers, the Illinois legislature considered a wide variety of areas affecting citizens. We are using this space to summarize some changes to the Illinois criminal code and traffic safety laws .

Safe Driving

Every year, private citizens and automobile dealers, both new and used, attempt to sell vehicles. A new law in Illinois hopes to make taking test drives a little bit safer. House Bill 733 (HB 733) requires that no vehicle leaves a lot with stickers, price tags, or other notices affixed to the car’s windows that reduce visibility for the driver. This new law also applies to privately owned cars, which can no longer be operated on Illinois roads with a “for sale” sign displayed in the windshield.

Another change with road safety in mind was the passage of HB 1784 , which not only allows bicyclists to ride on the shoulder of the road, but also permits drivers to pass bicyclists in designated “no passing” zones. Drivers may not exceed the speed limit while passing, and they must provide at least three feet of clearance while doing so.

Cyberstalking and Hate Crimes

Illinois legislators passed the following laws aimed at protecting citizens from threats and other acts of violence:

• As the use of computers and other electronic communications devices expands, so too have the incidents of online threats and intimidation. Beginning this year, acts of intimidation, cyberstalking, or the transmission of obscene messages may be considered a hate crime . A related law expands penalties for cyberstalking to include the criminal use of spyware and other tracking software.
• Crimes committed on the grounds of a church or other religious facilities may now be considered hate crimes with the passage of HB 2390 . Furthermore, the law allows courts to order fines in excess of the previous $1,000 cap for restitution, based on the severity of the crime committed or the damage caused.

Retain an Experienced Joliet Criminal Defense Attorney to Help Protect Your Rights

Regardless of the circumstances that led to your arrest, you have rights that must be protected. To ensure you receive fair treatment under the law, work with a knowledgeable Illinois criminal defense attorney who understands how new Illinois laws will be applied by law enforcement and prosecutors. At the Law Office of Jack L. Zaremba, we will review the details of your case and present an aggressive defense strategy on your behalf. Contact our offices today by calling 815-740-4025 to schedule a free initial consultation.


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